Mandatory gear below

Our team of busy beavers will be out on course, grooming and placing signage for the event disciplines. Please remember this is not a closed course. March being the glorious month that it is, other recreational users will be out in full force during the race. Listen for snow machines, give a yell before descending hills at high speed and ensure to give everyone enough room. Conditions will most likely be icy in the morning so ensure you have proper footwear. There may be one road crossing for runners where we will have a marshal indicating if it is safe for you to cross. Please look for their signal before crossing the road.

All participants are required to carry the following mandatory gear:

If you notice another racer has been injured please render assistance and contact Race Head Quarters at 705 254 9819 or inform us at a Marshal Point.

If you pull out of the race, please contact us at Race Head Quarters (705 254 9819) so our Sault Search and Rescue resources are not out looking for you unnecessarily