Mandatory gear below

We will be doing everything we can to ensure your safety this is a wilderness event but you must be prepared for highly variable conditions. Temperatures can fluctuate from -25°C to +15°C. There may be glare ice in some sections and snowy trails in others. It is likely you will cross some flooded areas near shorelines and see open water along some creeks. We will have specialized safety crews checking conditions and will modify the route if necessary.

Portions of the course are machined groomed for skiing and fatbiking but the majority of the course takes place on beautiful lakes, streams and creeks that are connected through well packed portage routes / snowmachine trails. These can be narrow at times and it may be necessary for skiers to remove thier skiis on downhills where there is two way traffic and exposed rocks. More details will be sent to registered competiors as we get closser to the date.

Mandatory Safety Equipment

All participants will be required to carry the following mandatory gear:

Recommended Gear

The following equipment is highly recommended for your safety

Runners - anti slip mechanism on your shoes such as cleats, snowshoes, spikes or running crampon.

Fat Bikes - Studs in your tires are crucial as glare ice conditions are common.

Skiers - Skiers - It is possible to skate or classic but prepare yourself for some sections of double polling. It will be mandatory to remove skis on some narrow downhill sections that have two-way traffic.