Race Details

Following 10 different waterways through pristine wilderness test your spring-time grit this March 6th in Sault Ste. Marie.

Ski, fat bike or run on frozen lakes, streams, trails and portages on your own or do the course with a relay team. Participants can choose from the full marathon (42 km), the half marathon (approximately 25 km) or the solo 10 km. The Beaver Freezer will have transition areas (TA's) every 8-14 kms where you can resupply and swap teammates. The course will be well marked, staffed and have specialized safety crews checking ice conditions and ensuring your safety. Check out the maps and distances below to strategize.


The course will start and finish at Hiawatha Highlands and take competitors through scenic inland lakes, meandering streams and steep canyons. There will be tough climbs on narrow snowmachine routes, undulating portage trails that will strain the camber of your skis and possibly slightly flooded sections that may wet some feet. Be prepared and bring extra gear!

Only the kilometers within the Hiawatha Highlands ski area will be groomed for skiing and fat biking. Once you pass the Mabel Lake turn off it will be wide open adventure territory including ice and snowmachine trails. The running portion within Hiawatha Highlands will take place on snowshoe trails. See the maps here. In March, these conditions are typically prime for skiing, fat biking and running.

Distances are estimates at this time. Modifications of the racecourse may occur prior to the race which could increase or decrease the distances slightly.

This is not a closed course. Expect to see other pedestrians and snowmobiles out on the course. There will be signage at all the intersections indicating that there is a race in progress and to guide you along the way.


Choose your own adventure! You do not have to commit to any one discipline until the day of the race. The weather can be volatile in March and you never know what you were going to get. Check the race start times prior to the race and show up when your discipline is listed. Ensure you are early enough to check in with registration and receive the race briefing. Depending on Covid restrictions, racers may have a staggered start.

See the maps here.

Short Course (10 kms+)

We have added a shorter course for those that would like to stay on the “more groomed trails”. This course will bring you out towards Mabel Lake bridge and back by way of the Mable Lake ski trail. Conditions closer to race day will dictate the final design of this course.

Half Marathon (25 kms+)

The half marathon course will bring competitors out to checkpoint one (CP 1) on beautiful Island Lake and back following the normal racecourse. This can route be done with a relay team by driving to checkpoint one and meeting your teammate there for the handoff.

Full Marathon (42 kms +)

The full marathon will be a big adventure! From CP1 it will continue up to Lower Island Lake before returning to CP1/3. This portion can be done in teams of up to four people in multiple disciplines.

Relay Teams – how it could work for a 2 person team:

  • A races to CP1 at Trout Lake

  • B drives to CP1 at Trout Lake

  • A and B swap car keys, bib, safety gear and a high five

  • B races to CP2 at Lower Island Lake

  • A drives to CP2 at Lower Island Lake

  • Repeat!

Driving directions

Click here to see the driving directions. Hint – stash extra clothes and snacks in your car.

Start times

Please expect to start early! Start times will be determined as we get closer to the race. The number of participants and conditions will determine start times. Longer distances will start first with runners.


Click on the maps below to see the routes. All disciplines follow the same course except at the start and finish.

Full Course overview 42 kms

All courses will vary slightly near start / finish. All courses will be signed, labelled and colour coordinated here.

Start - TA 1 14 kms

TA 1 - TA 2 8 kms

TA 2 - TA 3 9 kms

TA 3 - Finish 11 kms

Half Course Overview 25 kms

All courses will vary slightly near start / finish. All courses will be signed, labelled and colour coordinated here.

Start - TA 1 14 kms

TA 1 - Finish 11 kms

Short Course Overview 10 kms

Short course is an out and back. There is a check point (CP) at the Mable Lake Bridge but there is no ability to transition or switch teamates.

All courses will vary slightly near start / finish. All courses will be signed, labelled and colour coordinated here.

Short Course Out 5 kms

Short Course Return 5 kms

TA – Transition Area. Each TA will be staffed by volunteers and have an aid station. You can fill your bottle, grab a snack or swap your teammate. All racers must check in at TAs during the event for safety checks.

TA1 and TA3 are co-located.

There will be three transition areas (TAs) on the course enabling an opportunity for racers to refuel and check in with race staff for safety. Teams can also swap teammates at the TA’s.

Teams you are responsible for your own transportation to and from Transition Areas.

GPX tracks will be posted closer to the event.